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January 30, 2009, 2:48 am
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CoA's green buildings have insulation made from recycled newspapers!

CoA's green buildings have insulation made from recycled newspapers!

The College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine, has an unwavering commitment to sustainability; Human Ecology is the only major offered, and deals specifically with human-environment interactions. In keeping with their ecological academic focus, COA’s campus is effectively net-zero (though some of this is achieved through offsets). The College has had a “green dorm”, however, only since August 2008.

The COA “green dorm” is not, in fact, a single dorm building. Instead, it’s structured as a residence village, housing 51 students in a cluster of three duplex-style buildings. Construction on each includes 12″ of internal insulation, radiant floor heating or hydronic wall-mounted heaters, composting toilets, and systems for recapturing thermal energy from shower water. In addition, the heating system uses wood pellets, an arguably renewable source that has the benefit, in Maine, of being a local industry. Although no specific information is available, articles note that the buildings use sustainably harvested and/or recycled materials wherever possible.

COA’s Green Residence Village

More on COA’s Residence Village

COA Village Fact Sheet


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