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February 9, 2009, 7:53 am
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New Jersey’s Drew University recently opened its first new residence hall in more than thirty years – and decided to make it “green”.  Drew prides itself on the new McLendon Hall, the first “green dorm” to be built in Jersey, which houses 159 students on six floors. Though the project budget was $15 million, Drew’s Director of Special Projects suggests that only about $1 million was specifically for green technologies, implying that the initial cost of a green dormitory versus a standard one might be less than generally assumed. The building includes not only housing, but also meeting space, and eventually a small convenience store, setting it up to be a central part of the campus community.

Drew University's green dorm has a geothermal heat pump!

Drew University's green dorm has a geothermal heat pump!

Another interesting aspect of Drew’s building is their expectation that students take an active role in making McLendon a “green” environment; recycling bins and water-saving showers notwithstanding, officials make it clear that these students are expected to set an example for the rest of campus. As the Director of Special Projects notes, “When you’re looking at a green building, you’re not just looking at how it’s built, but operationally how can you minimize the impact to the environment.” While our primary focus for Stanford’s Green Dorm has been the building and laboratory, it’s worth considering how we might also encourage innovations in operational sustainability.

McLendon Hall has many of the standard “green buidling” features, including recycled, reflective roofing materials, furniture from recycled materials, drought-resistant landscaping, low-flow showerheads, CFLs, and automatically dimming lights, but the most interesting feature by far is the geothermal heat pump the new residence hall employs. Though it was a larger up-front cost, geothermal heat pumps can reduce heating energy demand by around 30%, with large paybacks over time in energy (and environmental) savings. On a smaller scale, Drew’s choice of linseed floor tiles is also notable, as they do not require strong chemicals for cleaning.

Drew’s New Residence Details (and floorplans!)

The Daily Record on McLendon Hall on Drew’s Green Dorm


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